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Since earliest time, sweet fragrances have been associated with refined human activities. Many religions use incense in their traditional ceremonies. In India, incense is burned to promote peace, health and prosperity.

Surya Incense Company uses the traditional Indian art of hand rolled incense and to provide this superior lifestyle product at the most reasonable price. Surya promotes ethno-pharmacology and is committed to the protection and preservation of the environment. Many of the ingredients used in Surya incense are grown in the clean air and water of the Himalayas. Surya packets are silk screen printed on 100% recycled handmade cotton paper.

Surya Incense Company is a Colorado Limited Liability Partnership. Our facilities are located in Vrindaban, India and Lyons, Colorado. We are committed to green business ethics with regard to customers, employees, community and the earth. The working conditions for our Indian employees exceeds all current fair wages, health and safety standards. We do not employ child-labor. Surya incense uses no chemical substitutes and is free of animal products and testing.

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