Chia Seeds 300g | Omega-3 Seeds for Eating | Best for Weight Loss

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  • Chia seeds help in combating signs on aging on your skin. Munch on it or make a scrub, chia seeds are a good source of antioxidants that may help protect & nourish damage cells into your skin.
  • HEART HEALTH: Omega Fats are the healthy fats that your body requires for reducing the cholesterol levels and protecting the heart health.
  • It promotes digestive and heart health. Rich in fiber & protein, these chia seeds bulk up your favourite foods & ease your weight management efforts by giving you satiety & smooth digestion.
  • It helps in building strong bones and muscles and also in losing weight. Being a rich source of calcium & magnesium, these chia seeds make a healthy option for people who don’t eat or like dairy foods & want to maintain bone health.
  • Nitrogen flushed for extra freshness.Being a good source of omega-3 makes it a perfect food to keep your heart healthy and young.
  • GREENFINITY: We Works! Because We Have QUALITY.
  • Anti-ageing: antioxidants in chia seeds have been shown to stop up to 71% of free radical activity; diabetes prevention: numerous studies have shown that chia seeds completely prevented the onset of dyslipidemia and insulin resistance
  • LOW CALORIES: Chia seeds are low in calories and cholesterol which can help in lowering the blood sugar levels and preventing sugar spikes.
  • IMMUNITY BOOSTER: One of the most important nutrient required for boosting immunity is antioxidants. Daily consumption of 2 teaspoon chia seeds mixed with water can help in boosting your immunity.
  • DIET FOOD: Fibre (38g per 101g) not only helps in weight loss, but fibre rich chia seeds can also be helpful in improving digestion.

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