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Welcome to Body Fitness, bodyweight the place that is dedicated to ensuring you can reach your training goals using only your body, the determination to change and the knowledge that this site provides. Here you will find all the information you need on the benefits of bodyweight exercises, advice on diets for weight loss, toning up and muscle building as well as lots of articles on abs training, flexibility, motivation and tutorials describing everything from the basic to most advanced exercises such as the dragon flag. Do not let anyone place barriers in your way use the information here to start your journey today.

What can you achieve with bodyweight exercises?

Whatever your training goal is, whether that be building an incredible strength to bodyweight ratio, superb fitness, huge muscles, weight loss, improved sporting performance or simply increasing your health and vitality. There is always a way to apply the principals of overload and adaptation with bodyweight exercises to achieve your aim. For example, if increased strength is your goal you can use a system of progressions and go from doing a few standard chin ups, to explosive clapping chin ups, to one arm chin ups and develop a level of strength that surpasses all other forms of exercise as you can see here with the one arm chin up.

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